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I was born to an only parent, my Mom.  I met my Dad when I was 4 yrs old, and He and my Mom have been together ever since then.  They have taught me that two people who are completely different, can still have a lot of lasting love and devotion toward each other.  Even more importantly, that a strong family can overcome absolutely any obstacle...
My Dad on one hand, is a very strong, quiet, and no-nonsense person; while  my Mom is more carefree and happy- but can be thunderous when pushed too far.  She likes people & especially animals:)  My Dad however, by far prefers fast cars & fast engines to any animals.  Boy, I bet he really wonders how he ended up in a house like ours!
I have always wanted to be a runway model, but had to let that go due to my height-or lack of it.  I also can sing and dance.  I have a "Barbie" face, & an athletic hourglass figure; but I can assure you that I'm quite tough.  I want people to see all the rest of the things that make me-me.  Sadly, most do not get past my physical stature.
I am very bubbly and happy, but can also be quite a force to be reckoned with if the occassion calls for that.  I am not one to sit around and let life pass me by; because I'm gonna be somebody!  My Mom used to always say: "Whether you think you can or you can't; you're probably right"...
I'm very career oriented, and don't have time really for much else at the present.  My biggest responsibility, my horse, keeps me very busy and is a huge lifetime committment.
Besides the obvious, with horses, I also have experience with firearms since a small child-although my Mom is absolutely opposed to hunting.  In fact, its the only thing she can not be  any part of; but respects others right to do so.
I really love to do Cowboy Mounted Shooting with a Colt 45 single action revolver.  You will see several photos of that on different horses throughout this website.
I love being outdoors; camping, skiing, hiking, and especially motor vehicles like quads.  I can very easily hang with the boys, despite my "girlie" appearance.  Both ATV's & live animals are very unpredictable and  demand a great deal of respect. Any mistakes with either could be permanent or fatal...
I also love car races.  Because my Dad's a master mechanic; I do have a pretty good grasp of engines, cars, etc-which really shocks most guys:) 
I absolutely LOVE the beach and boating.  I especially love to fish.  It's sooo much fun!  Since we adopted the horse, we've had little time for boats & water games lately-and I really miss that.  I love the opportunities when I can go with my friends.  I will always love the beach, but not the sun and skin cancer!  My Mom had that, and we learned the hard way that you really got to protect your skin...
I want to talk a bit about school bullying.  The most important thing that you need to know about bullies is that they are nothing more than mean, pathetic cowards...
Many of you will be on this site, wishing you looked like me. But I say to you- no you don't! Every rose has its thorns, guys. Therefore, I want to intentionally use this website to shine some light on subjects that are important to me.  There are so many different ways to bully kids these days.  The age old lunch money bully is still in existence, but so are many new and crafty ways.  The internet has paved the way for "cyber bullying", etc.  Kids are actually getting killed or killing themselves due to that one.  People have to really pay attention to changes in behavior and other warning signs.  I am primarily concerned about the physical beat downs; not name calling or dirty looks (that's not really bulllying to me).  So everyone, its up to all of you guys.  Do not just sit there and watch anyone hurt people.  Speak up and be heard!  "Do unto others as you would have done to you."  These really are very essential words to live by:) Also... "It doesn't have to be this way; & You are not alone"!
Bullying occurs everywhere!  Many bullies these days come disguised as friends.  I personally, have had many severe physical injuries from girls who were so-called "friends".  This has put me in intimate touch with the term; "frenemy".  Know thatfrenemies run in packs-when you get rid of one, three more pop up to take their place.
I have had a concussion from being thrown out of a high swing in grade school, & landing on my head; my back fractured from being used as a trampoline at an elementary "slumber party", my left knee shattered from being sling-shotted off a hammock into a treestump; a broken ankle from being pushed down the stairs at jr. high school, another concussion from being hurled off the top of a cheerleader pyramid, and my mom's all time personal favorite, having two ribs broken because a jealous girl head-butted me as hard as she could when a guy she liked came up to talk to me.  Not to mention countless times of having my face/arms cut up from being slammed into a locker. For God sake, speak up & state your case right away. Or- it'll get worse!
With my new lease on life, came a new hobby- hence the adoption of Gaston. By this point, my parents figured that I had a fair chance with a newly rescued, totally wild horse who actually liked me- just like in Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece;  "The Black Stallion".  It was no secret that Gaston was one of the most difficult animals around. Everyone had seen him in action or heard the horrible gossip. G's no angel; but I'll do my best to help him.

Dealing with my mean, super aggressive horse has made me very strong & super tough. Fearless in fact, with strength that can rival an average man's.  Every single day, I must stand my ground with the undisputed "King of the Bullies"; my 1300 lb. draft cross horse.  Now I ask you; does anyone think a vicious teenage girl is gonna hurt me anymore- when I can bring the Great Gaston literally to his knees in a good "dispute"? To you haters; just know... "You may have knocked me down, but I'm not out. This is far from over- "You haven't seen the last of me"...


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